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 GFC Server Rules!

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GFC Server Rules! Empty
PostSubject: GFC Server Rules!   GFC Server Rules! I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 11:47 pm

1- Do not try to WallHack, Aimbot or any type of Hack!
Hack(s) Allowed:
a) Antilag
b) Drop-Reload
Risk: Instantly banned for life

2- We do not accept agressive attitude with others players, if you have a problem with somebody, contact an admin please.
( For Admin information please visit the following link: GFC Admin Levels )
Risk: Tempban for 10 minutes each time you break this rule, if you have an agressive attitude repeatedly you will be banned for 2 years!

3- Do not copy GFC name/tag and other clan's tag, if you see somebody that is not of your clan, please report to an admin.
Risk: Kicked from server each time you break this rule, if you break this repeatedly you take the risk to be banned for 3 months at least!

4- Name spam, Chat spam and every type of spam is not allowed, only name animations while the match ends.
Risk: ignore for 10 minutes each time you break this rule.

5- Do not TeamKill others players for pleasure, only if you kill a teammate for fun and the other player is agreed with that, and if you see a obviously hacker in your team, please kill him!
Risk: First "Teamkill", no problem. But if you do repeatedly, you can get tempban for 20 minutes

6- Publicity of Websites, Servers,etc. are not allowed. Use the Private messages to avoid problems.
Risk: Tempban of 10 minutes.

7- Do not "Trash-talk" our server, if you do not like it, just leave. Remember that this is a game for take fun.
Risk: Kicked each time you "Trash-talk"

8- Do not explode friendly mines, only if you do not know of who is the mine is allowed explode it.
Risk: Kicked, if you do that repeatedly you will get aTempban for 5 minutes.

9- Do not kill a teammate just for take the Objective, if you wanna give the Objective to a teammate please use the following command:
/cg_dropobj "1"
Risk: Tempban for 10 minutes.

10- Do not block any door, crossing, etc for other players. In case you are lagged, you will be just removed or kicked.
Risk: Kicked, but if you continue making this fault you will get a tempban for 10 minutes.

11- Do not be racist with other players, please respect everybody.
Risk: Tempban for 30 minutes
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GFC Server Rules!
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