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R.I.P. Blade

"We Don't Forgive. We Don't Forget. Expect Us!"

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R.I.P. Blade

"We Don't Forgive. We Don't Forget. Expect Us!"

GFC+LCS Server:
Welcome To Great Fighters Clan Home
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 GFC Story / Informations

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PostSubject: GFC Story / Informations    GFC Story / Informations   I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 12, 2014 7:19 pm

1st GFC

(Beggining 2010)

Everything started with two friends from Latin America, who wanted to create a clan. The first day everyone thought GFC would not be anything more than just a dream impossible to achieve, but eventually many joined GFC quickly.

Everything was going fine until the day the two friends began to discuss and quarrel about the development of the clan, so that made GFC disappear from one day to another. From this, approximately 20 members of GFC were left without a point of reference. While one of the leaders was expelled from GFC, the other just left for work. No one could hear the name GFC anywhere anymore....


2nd GFC

6 months after, Assasin, ex-leader and founder of GFC, returned to reorganize the clan. He was reunited with former GFC members Death, Bufu and Camillo, with whom he started from scratch to do multiple things for the new Clan:
- New members
- A new Website
- A GFC Official video
- A server
So, GFC was reborn with a powerful theme that could unite all:
"If you dream, You will succeed"

(GFC Peak 2012-2013)

GFC reached its peak during 2012-13 when lots of new goldrush players joined GFC: Spl!FF, Phoenix, Morwen, Kingston... and with everyone's help GFC became an organized and competitive group that played in order to become the best goldrush clan in rtcw.
At the end of 2012 led by Morwen, GFC clan made its appearance in deathmatch servers and started recruiting new members. People like qLjz, Raw, Coco, Whishy, Lks, Heke, Uz1el, Shadz, illuminati, Master... joined GFC and made the clan one of the strongest ones in RTCW.
But, at the end of 2013 lots of players stopped playing rtcw, the leader became inactive and the clan fell apart.


3rd GFC

On 07/03/2014, Morwen, who became now leader of the clan, helped by Assasin returned to RTCW and created the 3rd GFC Clan. He edited the old forum and started recruiting new members...
A new hierarchical organization was established (Leader,  General, Vice General,  Members, Fun Members), in which, however, the highest levels were in charge of taking care of the lower ones. In fact, the group is still, now more than ever, based on democratic principles. With everyone's help, many Parties, Trainings and Invasions were held. Together, GFC celebrated RTCW's 13th Birthday and at the same time, we celebrated GFC's 4th Birthday. Slowly the Team managed to get respected and loved by most of the players.
The word "RESPECT" became the most important concept in the clan/family. Therefore, new clan rules were established to avoid disrespectful players. A new chat room was opened on Skype and then another one in WhatsApp.
A new GFC Official video (Obj/Dm) and a new GFC Server were created. Many players joined GFC (BPX33, Swat, Wimoweh, Azazelo79, Cat, EagleEye, Loper, Puma, Space, LionKiller, Tiestoo... and many others) and someone else left it, but no grudges were held against them.
There were hard times, inactive hours or days, there were arguments like in every family but after talking about the problems, most of them were solved.

Today,  GFC is still a strong and united family. From here on, you will determine our story. Good Luck! Smile

Frequent Questions:
1 ) What does GFC mean?
- GFC means "Great Fighters Clan"
2 ) Why is GFC forum link named ".clanff" ?
- Because in 2010 FF clan (Goldrush) helped us creating our forum and they added ".clanff" in the forum's link.
3 ) Who's GFC Founder/Leader?
- "Great Fighters Clan" Founder is Assas!n, but Morwen is the new leader since 2014.
4 ) How can I contact you Morwen?
- You can contact me by mail (morwengfc@gmail.com) or through this forum.
5 ) Which is GFC's motto?
- "We don't forgive. We don't forget. Expect Us!"
- "Ready for All. Yielding to none"
6 ) How can i join GFC?
- If you want to join GFC, post an application on our forum and we'll make a votation and give you the results as soon as possible.
7 ) What do I have to do when I join GFC?
- When you join GFC you must follow these simple rules: [link]
Cool How many members does GFC Clan have?
- You can see all our members here: [link]
9) I'm not really a skilled player, but I'd like to join GFC, can I?
- Of course you can. Skills are welcome but they are not the most important thing here. Smile, be friendly and respectiful of everyone!
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GFC Story / Informations
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