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 Punkbuster colors

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Punkbuster colors Empty
PostSubject: Punkbuster colors   Punkbuster colors I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 2:42 am

Punkbuster Colors:

^1 red
^2 green
^3 yellow
^4 blue
^5 light blue
^6 pink
^7 white
^8 orange
^9 grey
^0 black
^a dark orange
^b light green
^c dark purple
^d dark light blue
^e purple
^f blue
^g light green
^h medium green
^i medium red
^j dark red
^k brown
^l medium orange
^m very light green
^n light yellow
^o dark yellow
^p black
^q dark red
^r cyan
^s medium yellow
^t medium blue
^u very light blue
^v light pink
^w light grey
^x dark orange
^y dark grey
^z medium grey
^; medium grey
^, light orange
^. light yellow
^/ medium yellow
^- sort of green
^= sort of green
^\ green
^[ light grey
^] sort of green
^' light cyan
^* dark red

Return to Castle Wolfenstein colors ( Version 1.0 ):

^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Cyan
^6 Margenta
^7 White
^8 Black
^9 Red
^0 Black
^Q Red
^W White
^E Cyan
^R Green
^T Blue
^Y Red
^U Cyan
^I Red
^O White
^P Black
^A Red
^S Yellow
^D Blue
^F Margenta
^G White
^H Black
^J Green
^K Yellow
^L Blue
^Z Green
^X Black
^C Yellow
^V Margenta
^B Green
^N Margenta
^M Cyan
^; Yellow
^, Blue
^. Margenta
^/ White
^- Cyan
^= Cyan
^\ White
^[ Yellow
^] Cyan
^' White
^* Green
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Punkbuster colors
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