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 Record a Demo

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PostSubject: Record a Demo   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:46 pm

bind F11 vstr record_demo
set record_stop "set record_demo vstr record_start; set g_syncronousclients 1; record; echo ^2Recording demo: ON"
set record_start "set record_demo vstr record_stop; set g_syncronousclients 0; stoprecord; echo ^1Recording demo: OFF"
vstr record_start

*Copy this command in a notepad, and save it in main folder of Return To Castle Wolfenstein.
While you are playing remember put:
/exec ( + the name of the file ).cfg

Note: You can change the key "f11" to automatically start/stop record. In this case we gonna use "f5"

  • Recording a Demo

To record a demo, the server must be set to a value of 1 in g_syncronousclients
/g_syncronousclients 1

Type these commands in the command console.

To start recording
/record ( or press f5 )

To stop recording
/stoprecord ( or press f5 again )

If you want to watch a demo
/demo ( +name of the demo )
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Record a Demo
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