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PostSubject: GFC Server RULES   Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:07 pm

"Great Fighters Clan, founded by Assas!n, and today guided by Morwen, is ruled by democratic principles. Respect is the most important one"


1. Cheating is not allowed!
Don’t try to use aimbot, wh or any other kind of hack. Game should be fair for every player. We accept only Drop-Reload and skills.
Risk: Ban

2.  Don’t bother other players!
Everybody hates trash talking and voice spam. If you feel a need to disturb your friend(s), use private messages.
Risk: Mute, kick or tempban

3. Don’t be aggressive!
We don’t accept insults and any aggressive attitude. Be mature and try to solve your problems in a peaceful way.
Risk: Mute, kick or tempban

4. Don’t accuse people!
If you think a person isn't playing fairly, don’t accuse without proofs. In this situation, report it to an admin with the ban or tempban power, possibily. If noone is online, record a demo. Recording good demos isn’t that hard!
Risk: Mute, kick or temban

5.  We say STOP to racism!
RTCW is a multicultural society. If you have problem with skin colours, beliefs or nationality, keep it for yourself.
Risk: Mute, kick or tempban

6. Don’t copy clan’s and player’s tags!
If you are enough brave to abuse or insult people when you use other people’s tags and names, we are sure you have enough big balls to know it’s really childish behaviour. Also don’t use offensive names.
Risk: Rename, kick or tempban

7. Fair play!
Don’t disturb your teammates. Teamkills, pushing and way/doors blocking are annoying. If you are bored, turn off the game and find some real friends.
Risk: Mute, kick or tempban

Moreover, we would like to present the biggest and most important rule for Admins:

!! Don’t abuse your admin skills !!
We know admin level gives you more power, but don’t be a badass and don’t abuse it. Don’t use your powers without reason. Being fair is basic!
Risk: Lose your admin level

Check this link for more information about GFC Clan: ((LINK))

//Written by Pink\\


23/03/2015, Great Fighters Clan
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